Thursday, July 22, 2010

Suck It!!!

I'm grateful everyday that breastfeeding came easily to Ember and me. She quickly established an excellent latch and we're still going strong seven months in, even with the eruption of a couple of teeth. I've not had any issues with milk shortage - this dairy queen is producing. I know all women aren't as lucky; I'm grateful.

However it hasn't been without its difficulties. There is a crack in Righty (that is now a permanent part of my anatomy), which prompted the use of a nipple shield and the subsequent reliance that had to be broken. Oh and let's not forget the bout of thrush, blanching and vasospasm because I had too much milk rushing at her.

I think any breastfeeding veteran, newcomer or mummy-to-be will get a kick out of's guide in how to "really" prepare for breastfeeding. It's lighthearted, not meant to be taken seriously and I can certainly relate. Especially with Day 3 and Day 6 - hubby can attest to that.

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