Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Week in Photos: July 14th - July 20th

The number one item on my 28 in 28 is to take a photo a day for 365 days. (Inspired by Wendolonia.) That alone isn't too much a challenge for me. However to take a photo to act as a journal for our family and actually document it the moment properly ... a wee bit trickier. Alas, I'm off to a good start and feeling good about the organization system I've created to succeed at the project.

Here are the photos from the past week.

July 14th:
My 28th birthday. I had a fantastic day with my family. I thought it fair to skip my morning run and laze away until Ember woke up. It just so happened to be 10 am when I woke up to Ember 'la la la-ing'. Though I like to think she was singing Happy Birthday to me. We stumbled out of the bedroom to find a birthday banner hanging on the wall and a note left by Andrew wishing me a wonderful day. What a nice surprise! After dinner we enjoyed a white chocolate mousse icebox cake which I couldn't resist having a family picture with.

July 15th:
While getting Ember ready for bed, I spotted dirt all over her piggies from her adventures from throughout the day. When Andrew began wiping her feet with a wet cloth, Ember erupted in giggles that came straight from her belly. Being that baby belly laughs are more contagious than chicken pox, all three of us laughed until we cried.

July 16th:
These bouquet of beauties arrived from my mother-in-law today as a belated birthday surprise. Aren't they lovely? Ember and I were battling over nap time and my patience was running dangerously low when the deliveryman rapped at the door. My mood was restored upon seeing these and I looked at Ember and said, "Nana just saved the day."

July 17th:
Andrew joined rugby late in the season this year. As he hasn't played for a couple of years, due to life and injury, he committed to third division. After playing just three games, the first division coach recruited him to come out and play with the premier boys. Saturday marked a big game for the club, against the only team to have beaten our first division boys this season; there was a lot of pressure on the team to win. It was a real nail biter of a game but our boys pulled it off - they won 18-16!! This photo was taken immediately post game.

July 18th:
Our trio was over at my father-in-law's for a belated birthday dinner. Very suddenly, the skies opened and rain poured down. It was a lovely downpour as the heat of the day remained. Ember just loves walking while hanging on to our hands for support. So it's not surprising that when I took her out to see and smell the rain, she gestured to get down and dip her tootsies in the small puddles. We did a dozen laps of the deck, or more, while raindrops fell on our faces.

July 19th:
Ember freaking loves rice rusks. It is pure, unadulterated love. I'd kept them in hiding for several days as I want her to learn to love fruits and veggies with the same passion. Today, I decided to let her have a treat after eating some applesauce. Just upon hearing that package, she began to vibrate. Check out the focus and desire on that face.

July 20th:
I wish I could have seen the look on her face when Ember realized that she could reach the top of the coffee table and pull herself up. My fear of the tumble that could take place, had me stay right behind her. She got right up on her feet and she giggled with pride. I giggled in response. But more so because her right pant leg was stuck under her left foot and as soon as she shot up, her pants drooped a bit.

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