Monday, March 1, 2010

The Mum Uniform

No, I'm not talking about front butt jeans.

The 'mum uniform' of a newborn/infant typically consists of pyjamas - all day, everyday. I'll admit that there were days that I saw no sense in getting dressed. Okay, it was a norm for a while. I mean, why bother? I wasn't going anywhere. Probably wasn't going to be able to sneak in a shower. Napping is FAR more comfortable in an elasticized waist.

The problem with spending 24/7 in pants that have a drawstring is that your days and nights begin to meld together. You feel like a big pile of dirty diapers. You begin to blame it on motherhood. Basically, you turn into what you swore you never would.

This only just occurred to me a week or two ago. While I was nursing Ember late one night, I finally realized that motherhood is my job right now. I pride myself on doing the job to the best of my ability and raising a happy, healthy little girl. However, pyjamas impede on that objective and I would never ever go to work in my PJs. That night, I swore I would put effort into myself and therein, my job.

Everyday, I now ensure I get a shower (usually before Ember gets up) and I put on some clean clothes. I strive for more than lululemon though on dreary, winter days, I fall victim to its comfort. I also take the time to put on some make-up; mascara can go a long way. The makeover has changed my daily attitude and productivity, too. I find I am much happier through the day and that I have the energy to get a lot more accomplished around the house. (Keeping clutter at bay makes a huge difference in my peace of mind.)

Having re-fashioned my 'mum uniform' has made my head space so much clearer, I'm almost certain that my job performance has improved. A small makeover was all that was required.