Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Week in Photos: July 21st - July 27th

July 21st:
Today, Ember earned the name Doogie. She just seems to be acting beyond her 7 months. When we picked up Andrew from work this evening, she stretched her legs on the front seat and reached for my coffee. She took off her tank top tonight while getting her jammies on and nodded when asked a question, I swear! Pride and admiration pours out of me for that girl ... even though she is in a ridiculous hurry to grow up.

July 22nd:
This morning Ember and Hugo made huge strides in their relationship. Hugo the cat has been disdainful since our girl arrived in December - she took all of our attention and redefined his territory. Over the last couple of months, Ember has become very interested in the cat and he has had zero tolerance in indulging her curiosity. Now that she's mobile and can chase after him, he's been slow to forge a friendship. That changed today though, when Ember pulled herself up on his basket. Hugo didn't run away or dodge her touch. Today, Ember made contact.

July 23rd:
Playing in the light of the morning. She's beginning to look like such a little girl, isn't she? Oh, my heart.

July 24th:
Another Saturday, another rugby pitch. Ember happily plays on the blanket while the game plays out behind her. She was so interested in the family beside us and the little boys playing with their dog. If she were able, she would have walked over and joined in the activity. No matter how she studied the play, she couldn't get any further than this in being upright.

July 25th:
I spent the bulk of the afternoon making jam. During one of my breaks, I came into the family room to find Ember had pulled herself up to standing on the basket. I made such a fuss over the accomplishment that she got distracted and plunked down on her bottom. She tried to get herself back up but couldn't manage it while hamming it up for the camera.

July 26th:
Funny girl shoved the smallest of her stacking cups in her mouth and sucked on it for several minutes. She is such a goof! I couldn't help but giggle at her. She would start to giggle back, but the cup would slip out of her mouth prompting her to slurp it back in.

July 27th:
Lunchtime today. Ember had fresh pureed apricots. She seems to like them because she opens her mouth for spoonfuls several times over but her face doesn't sell it that way. With each bite, she winces, kicks, her hands clench into fists and tears form. Does this look like a happy girl?! This is the only food that garners this reaction. I'm such a mean mummy for feeding it to her over and over again, aren't I?

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  1. Sarah, she's so adorable!!
    and once again, she and my Sadie have the same taste in clothes :)