Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Ghetto Babywalker

I've had my eye on a walker for Ember for sometime now. I love this one from Plan Toys. The reason I haven't purchased one yet is because she's progressing pretty quickly and I'd hate to bring another object into our cramped condo if it's going to be redundant fairly quickly.

Well, Ember seems to have sourced a walker for herself.

She's so proud of herself. Maybe it's the standing. Maybe it's the soother that she hasn't liked until now - what a fun toy!

The laundry hamper!

Yea, it's just the right height and we can put items in the basket stabilize it as she toddles along. (In this case - laundry (clean) - how novel.)

She's making progress to be sure. I think it's so funny to watch her take actual steps because she is still so tiny.

Just a bit of an abrupt ending; a minor meltdown ensued.

(The red tent in the background belongs to our cat and Ember plays in it too. And the pile of laundry would be a couch slipcover that I have to take the dry cleaners... that I haven't got around to yet. Don't judge me.)

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  1. We bought our boy a Cheeky Chic from Okiedog for his first birthday, and he learned to walk within a matter of days after that. He still uses it because you can sit on it and move around. That was one of the best things that we bought for him. Bonus is that it folds up. Perfect for condo living.
    She sure looks pleased as punch in that picture!