Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Seven Month Itch

Miss Ember turned seven months old yesterday. We are just charging towards that one year mark. La sigh.

Oh the character development that has taken place over the past month. During the months hitherto Ember's six month birthday, she was my 'ladybug'. Since then, she has earned the nickname 'turkey'. She is fully mobile now - pseudo crawling - and itching to go.

All. The. Time.

It's all hands on deck when Ember isn't contained, strapped down etc. because she can clear a room in no time. She is now trying to pull herself up using furniture though without any success - yet. These acts of bravery and strength have resulted in two black eyes. They lasted all of 5 hours each, but 0f course this hasn't detoured at all from trying repeatedly.

Andrew and I are trying valiantly to baby-proof without going overboard or buying new furniture. There has been one casualty, a lamp, which we apparently neglected to properly tuck its cord away.

In other news, Ember is slowly warming up to food, with her favourite so far being pears. Sleeping has become less of a hassle; we've even established some semblance of a schedule. AND, we can see a bottom tooth - just waiting for it to pop through!


- Patty cake - she will hit my hands as I sing the song.
- Bedouin Soundclash. The first time this they came up on the shuffle, she started bouncing and swinging her arms.
- Laura Branigan's Gloria. She bounces back in forth to the beat of this song which is hilarious because this was my favourite song when I was her age.
- Walking along with the help of Andrew or me; she could go for hours viewing the world from her 26" vantage point.
- the 'Bless You' that comes after sneezes
- being scared. Not kidding. She erupts in giggles when you spring up behind her and startle her; it's the cutest and strangest thing.


- Having freedom dashed away when being strapped down into her carseat, stroller and so on.
- black eye inducing slips and spills.

I was going to post photos from her seven month photo shoot, but the following video sums Miss Ember too perfectly not to share.

Happy seven months, turkey!!

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