Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ember's Grandma Michelle. To say she is talented with a sewing machine is an understatement. Her handiwork is just beautiful. Ember has been fortunate enough to receive a few of her pieces and we will treasure them always.

During our last trip to Vancouver, Michelle gave us a skirt she had made for Ember's first Halloween. Boy, are we glad she did!! Though we had had a few costume ideas, they all fell through and this adorable skirt saved us today.

Initially, we were going to try and fashion Ember into Miss Ritzy Bitzy Spider. Considering my sewing skills are somewhat (okay, a lot) lacking, this did not come to fruition. On to Plan D: a witch. A last minute run today in pursuit of a hat, and we were all set. We weren't going to be going door to door with our witch, but she was going to assist us in handing out sweet treats.

They're little owls. So cute.

It was unseasonably warm, so she didn't have to sport a snowsuit underneath.

She didn't care for that headband-style-hat and she was less than thrilled with us.

Of course, a witch isn't a witch without her broomstick. A kitchen broom did the trick for the night.

Some witches don't require brooms to fly though. Some have magical powers, and others have daddies who throw them high in the air.

Of course the premise of tonight's activity was way over our girl's head. She just stared raptly as children walked up and cried "Trick or Treat!" Andrew, his dad, and I just loved watching Ember's face as she took it all in.

What are you???

I hope your family had a wonderful night and that you got to pilfer a few treats for yourself. Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ye Olde Fall Fair

A couple of weeks ago, this small family spent a beautiful autumn day at a fair. It wasn't a country fall fair as the setting was Winston Churchill Square, but all the right components were there to amuse a ten month old: a petting zoo, pumpkins and a parachute. And, there were mini-donuts for us adult folk, yum.

Ember loves pumpkins. Andrew is thrilled about this!

It's too bad I can't add a sound caption with this photo. Ember was squealing with delight leaning over that pumpkin.

We moved on to the petting zoo next. All the requisite animals were there, a pot bellied pig named Charlotte, a miniature pony named Ladybug, goats, sheep, chickens, bunnies and a wallaby. A wallaby? Yes!, you may remember him from a Telus commercial a few years back.

This is the first time Andrew had pet a wallaby, too.

Getting closer to pet a goat.

"Hey, Mum, I'm petting a goat!!"

The petting zoo was also home to an adopted Canada Goose. This creature was completely nutters. It would flap and run as if being chased by an imaginary hunter. Can you spot him in this photo?

The final highlight of Ember's day was the parachute. She had so much fun joining in with the bigger kids waving it up and down.


Bouncing with glee.

It was a grand day. One for the memory books most definitely.

Sharing is Caring

Ember feeding Hugo.
We have since moved the cat bed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lost in Pumpkin Month

How is it that the last time I was here was October 4th? Where or where did October go? Can it really be the 29th? Is that really true?

When I was relaying this sentiment to my mum yesterday, she said, "You've been in the kitchen all month, Sarah - it's pumpkin month!!" Oh, of course!! October is my husband's FAVOURITE month of the year - it marks his birthday, our anniversary, Halloween and most importantly delicious pumpkin indulgence. The man is just bananas about pumpkins. Each October I whisk pumpkin puree into a frenzy for a variety of dishes. I love to bake and watching Andrew thoroughly enjoy my creations is so stinking rewarding, and fun.

In addition to the bake-a-thon, I've been kept busy by Miss Ember (duh!), I've been busy trying to ready our home for winter hibernation and we jetted off to Vancouver for a short getaway, too.

I will be back to share highlights of Ember's first October very soon!! It has been a fantastic month!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Screens are Fun. Part 2

If you enjoyed part one of what is shaping up to be a series, you will undoubtedly appreciate this.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Double Digits

My girl, as of yesterday, is 10 months old. If we're friends on Facebook, you already know that I'm in disbelief about this. But the math really seems to check out, unless October is no longer the tenth month of the year. *sigh* Oh I dread the sappy mess I will be when the calendar turns to December. I warn you now, it won't be pretty folks.

Full on belly laughs while Daddy rocks her in the chair.

Life has been pretty happening for Ember as of late. Of course, she's learning how to interact with the world around her more everyday. Playdates now have value for her (not just me!) as she plays with her peers. Walks are all the more entertaining by watching magpies and jack rabbits. Any two objects become musical instruments which produce groovy music perfect for boogieing to. It's wonderful to witness the discovery.

Beaming up at Daddy.

We started music class at the library and she LOVES it. At our first class, we sat down in the circle, Ember in front of me. She immediately crawled towards the centre where books had been scattered. About a foot and a half away from me, she looked back and smiled. It was as if her face said, 'Really? I can go? Thanks! This is awesome!!' It was during this class that Ember seemed to develop her first crush. Joseph. He's 13 months old, can walk, run and he drinks milk out of a big boy cup. I can see the appeal. He spent half the class running around, she spent half the class crawling behind him.

Our second class, Ember's affections switched to Maddox. Then Noah. Back to Joseph.

And, finally settling on Maddox again. She didn't follow their every move this time though. Instead she sat in the middle of the circle with them and plucked their toys right from their hands. She's the only girl in class to be so aggressive with the lads - can't imagine where she got that....

No official first steps have been chartered yet. Watching her walk is like watching a kid on their bike with training wheels that aren't even touching the ground. Sporadically, Ember will let go of furniture and stand unassisted for a minute or so and then settling back onto her crutch. Just yesterday, while walking hand in hand, she shook my hand free and just stood in her place. We're thisclose.

Her dancing. It's hilarious. Her little hips sway side to side and her hand flips back and forth. It's very Beyonce with just a little Indian flavour.

Shaking her groove thang to the music of movie trailer Andrew was watching.

She's also embracing her inner red head. We've seen hints of a tantrum. Thankfully they're really easy to stave off at this point. When she threw herself back on the floor and began shrieking recently, I just looked down at her and said, "Really? Already? Aren't you a little young for this?" She looked right up at me and smiled. Yup, she's really harnessing the power of her emotions. I'm not too sure where she got that. What? You don't think it's me, do you? Nah.

Ember and Hugo have forayed into the realms of friendship too. It's fun to watch them swat playfully at one another. The two chase one another around, Ember often pulling on Hugo's tail to slow him down. Or they just sit at the patio appreciating the simpler things in life.

While I hate the lightning speed at which this journey is progressing, it's wildly fun, entertaining and rewarding. I can't help but look forward to what's next. Happy 10th month, ladybug.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Walk in the Leaves

Here in Alberta, we're experiencing a beautiful Fall season. The temperatures have been unseasonably high, the leaves on the trees have changed into vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange and those beauties have begun to litter the sidewalks and paths.

Earlier this week, the family headed out to savour the beauty of the season.

Ember loved watching the leaves fall from the trees.

Looking like such a little girl.

Yum, Fall is delicious.

Does autumnal bounty make you this happy?

Happy October to all!!