Friday, February 18, 2011

To Buy Some Time

Talk about a case of poor attendance.

Life has been full of everyday busyness that a 14 month old dictates, and it's grand. Parenting is no longer just about watching and containing (okay, there's still some of that) but instead there's so much interaction, play and budding imagination to behold. I find it next to impossible to accomplish things for fear that I may miss something priceless. So, frankly, I don't. Days are spent building forts, singing songs, dancing, reading, being trains, cars, sailors.... laughing. A lot. Ember's nap time is reserved for my productivity where I do a power tidy, work at a project and then often sit in silence, sipping tea and shop online - filling carts and never checking out.

Because I know some are sick of logging on to see Christmas posts ....

Andrew came home weeks ago with some promo swag and Ember found joy immediately in a mag lite.

I will be back soon and more frequently. I'm thinking stream of consciousness writing is the key to consistent blogging nowadays. In the meantime, I defy you not to smile.