Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Each night, while laying in bed, Andrew and I reflect on our day by asking each other what the high and low of our day was.

I got the idea years ago while watching 'The Story of Us', an old Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis movie. It's not the greatest movie of all time by any stretch but it has become a guilty pleasure of mine, one that I enjoy watching while feeling under the weather. If chick flicks float your boat, you may enjoy it as a rental.

Do people rent movies anymore?

Anyway, by asking each other high/low it forces us to reflect on our day. Usually, by that point in the day, the rough parenting moments are forgotten and only the gems of Ember's character development and personality are all that remain. My 'highs' lead to stories and that is how Andrew is often brought up to speed of what happened in his absence over the course of the day. Of course there are days, when I can rattle off my low without blinking an eye.

High/low has been part of our bedtime ritual for years now. Actually, we end trips, holidays and family visits with high/low, too. When looking back on your day in this manner, you realize that life is charmed. The little wonderful moments, which are all too easy to forget, are highlighted. And, you realize that the trying moments are just that - moments. At once, you see the little things and the big picture. It's a good perspective.

High: Mutual adoration society.

What's the high/low of your day?

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