Monday, July 26, 2010

Because I Can, Can

On Saturday morning, our family took its ritual walk down to the town's Farmer's Market. We usually just wing it, buy whatever veggies look beautiful and I plan our week's meals around our purchases. This past Saturday however, I went with a list. Being that it is the height of berry season, I needed to take advantage so I could tackle #23 on my 28 in 28 list - make jam with BC berries. So I headed out with quantities in mind so I would have just the right amount of fruit to achieve the proper fruit to sugar to pectin ratios. Going in, I wasn't too sure what jam concoctions I was going to create, but I wanted options. I came home with various juicy berry gems as well as a bag of peaches for good measure.

Despite the glorious weather, I took Sunday off to jam. I chose to make freezer jam since this was my first time jamming. As I ladled my first concoction into jars, I felt such accomplishment ... though it's so easy! Puree/mash fruit, stir in pectin and sugar, continue stirring for a few minutes and ladle into prepared jars.

A significant amount of freezer real estate has been taken over.

I managed to make three different kinds - strawberry honey, peach raspberry and straspberry (1/2 strawberry, 1/2 raspberry) - and they are all so good. There will be no more store bought jam in our future!

I hate to play favourites, but strawberry-honey is my favourite. yum!

I hope your weekend was a fruitful one. Ohhh. Bad pun; sorry!!

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