Monday, July 19, 2010

My Family Celebrates my 28th

Rather than going out for dinner, I wanted to stay home and make myself an easy, summer dinner. Okay, we were planning on dining out until I found this recipe: avocado fries.

Yeah. Avocado freaking fries.

Immediately, I pictured them on a plate with a grilled steak and mixed green salad; a drool worthy summer dinner if you ask me. I couldn't resist and told hubby to cancel the dinner reservation.

Drool worthy indeed. This dinner totally delivered! I would have loved to share photos, but um, it disappeared too quickly.

Ember got in on the avocado action, too and loved it!

I thought it only fitting to follow it up with a homemade a dessert. Craving white chocolate with summer berries and wanting minimal effort, I settled on an icebox cake. I'd not made an icebox cake before and ,my word - why have I waited so long?? So simple and delicious, I highly recommend it.*

food photography is not my forte

My day was made better with presents. I'm not going to lie, I love receiving gifts. He decided that he theme all gifts in helping me accomplish my 28 in 28, very clever and much appreciated.

Thank you family, for a fabulous day!

*To get what I really wanted, I fused this recipe with the white chocolate component of this one.

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