Monday, June 21, 2010

Minivan or Swagger Wagon?

I am against owning a minivan. 'Grocery getter' just really isn't my style.

Then I saw this. Toyota has come out with several commercial spots with a designated youtube channel, to sell their minivan. It could be the most brilliant ad campaign ever. Total creative genius. So much so, it had me re-thinking minivans. For a moment. Very briefly.

It almost lured me to the dark side. Almost.


  1. LOL, that is a cute story. I'm glad to see that you came didn't go to the dark side and haven't got swallowed in just yet. Ack! Maybe it will happen anyway down the road?!! Do you think?

  2. I don't see it happening. Of course, one child doesn't necessitate it. Minivans could be one of my worst mummy nightmares. I truly dread falling victim.

    However, I don't mind Volvo wagons. Go figure. :o)

  3. All you need is the mom jean and you are set ;)