Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is it just me?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way.

Is it just me or ... are there days when you catch yourself in the mirror and you look exactly as you feel - tired and dishevelled.

Is it just me or ... are you annoyed when restaurants don't have change tables in the bathroom? Argh! Would it preferable for me to use a booth to change my daughter's bottom?! Oh, that's right, you don't want us here at all.

Is it just me or ... is baby brain a far more serious condition than you ever anticipated?

Is it just me or ... do you miss nice bras? I'm talking underwire. Maybe a little lace. Something you would never dream of lining with a nursing pad. Oh to wear a bra without a paper liner again.

Is it just me or ... now that you're a mother, you feel as if you're a mother to all children everywhere? If there is a child in plight anywhere, of any magnitude, I am ready to weep.

Is it just me or ... do romantic comedies that feature child birth and call it comedy just piss you off?

Is it just me or ... does your child have a bigger, nicer wardrobe for 6 months of their life than you do, period?

Is it just me or ... are there some days where all that stands between you and insanity is a large vanilla bean latte? With caffeine of course.

Is it just me or ... are children's television programs now open to scrutiny and you've learned that not all are created equally? Where are Dora's parents for crying out loud?

Is it just me or ... have meals taken on new forms? Sadly, a glass of milk and cookies count sometimes.

Is it just me or ... just when you are on the brink of snapping, a little smile or giggle is the only thing that reigns you back in? A glass of wine doesn't hurt either.

Is it just me or ... is it far trickier to keep in touch with friends - especially those without kids? Gone are the days of just picking up the phone.

Is it just me or ... do you think your arms should resemble Madonna's considering all the heavy lifting you do? Car seats, strollers, Ember ... I should be ripped!

What do you think? Did I miss anything?

1 comment:

  1. I hear you. This is motherhood...this is life?! Right? Now about the bra situation... I always felt terribly unattractive until I invested in the Anita Nursing bra. A little pricey but it comes it is underwire (which is fine with BF). Plus it doesn't totally look like a big nursing bra.