Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#2 - Phil & Teds

Ember was born on December 2nd, right in the middle of an Alberta winter. From the moment I learned that I was going to be having a winter baby, I knew I had to prepare myself to battle feeling cooped up once baby arrived. Minus 40 wasn't going to allow for a daily walk to get me out of the house.

Of course none of this detoured us from buying a stroller that could handle half a foot of snow and outdoor terrain. Enter the Phil&Teds Dash stroller! On the infrequent (really, very infrequent) mild days, Ember was quickly bundled up and we headed out regardless of how much snow was on the ground. It was liberating to know that I had a stroller to allow me this. More often than I would have guessed, Ember and I went for walks during the winter. With the seat fully reclined, Ember rode along, bundled right up in a bunting bag, winter coat and pants, along with a few blankets piled on top.

More than just allowing us outside, it made trips to the mall (where we had to go when it was 40 below) super easy with the car seat adaptor. All I had to was pop on the car seat roll on! That's also how we handled our trip to Vancouver since Ember was in the midst of the 3 month growth spurt and slept away much of our outings.

Ember posing with a statue in Stanley Park.

Being perfectly honest about it, I grump sometimes about the size of this small rig but I really do love it! It's so nice to push this stroller around on our daily walks now. And I love how versatile the Phil&Teds products are. We purchased the Dash in the midst of a promotion which got us a the second seat (or doubles kit) for free basically. Of course we didn't need a second seat on the stroller, but we were going to need a bouncy chair. Phil and Ted turn out to be pretty clever gents; they created a way to convert the second seat into a bouncer. Meet Lazyted. It's a snap together frame that the seat slides onto; it is so easy to travel with! Ember has had daily romps in the Lazyted since she was three days old. Even today, as I type this, that is where she is having her morning nap. She bounced herself to sleep. The five point harness keeps babe strapped in no matter how much they struggle to get themselves out. (Ember can now pop herself out of a Bumbo seat.)

While visiting friends in Vancouver, Ember hung out in the Lazyted, allowing us to enjoy our meal.

It may seem obvious to include a stroller and bouncer on a list of baby essentials. But friends, you need one that accommodates your life and allows you to maintain the one you had pre-baby. Shop around. Splurge if necessary. You won't regret it.

*I really love this stroller - no one paid me for praising P&T.
*I'm not saying you need a Phil&Teds stroller. I just want you to have one that you love and makes life better for you.

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