Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ember Road Trippin'

This past weekend we drove north to Dawson Creek, BC to visit Andrew's mom and step dad. It was Ember's first road trip! She proved yet again that she is one happy traveller and up for all kinds of adventures.

Leaving Grande Prairie, Ember volunteered to drive. Maybe next time big girl.

Getting properly introduced to Sam. Hmmm...

Oh, he's not so bad!

This trip was the first time she got to meet her Grandpa Dale. They quickly became friends.

Up at the Bear Mountain Wind Park - home to 34 windmills. They were quite the sight. Each one of those blades is 120 feet long!

Look Dad, I can generate energy too, if I just kick really hard.

At Radar Lake.

Smiling while snoozing. It was a good weekend.

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