Friday, June 18, 2010

#1 - Chiropractor

Here it is, one week late, my number one, must have essential since becoming a mum.

I shudder to think where we'd be without a chiropractor for Ember. Yes, for Ember. At two weeks of age, Ember started having crying spells, horrible, heart-wrenching spells, lasting up to six hours. Finally she would just pass out from exhaustion and then I wept. I asked our doctor what it could be at our 2 week check up, and she diagnosed it as 'colic'. Considering we had gone two weeks with a very pleasant baby, I had a tough time accepting this, it just didn't seem like my girl. There had to be a reason behind this. After speaking to a few girlfriends, they recommended that I start watching what I was eating since I was exclusively breast feeding. Goodbyes were said to chocolate (especially difficult at Christmastime), and caffeine. This all seemed ridiculous as every other night, Ember would still shriek in discontent. I just wasn't buying what anyone was trying to sell me. After three nights of a crying baby, and thinking that I was just going to have to give up eating, I called my midwife to seek her opinion. Immediately, she recommended a chiropractor. Her reasons were that Ember had a difficult delivery (testify!) and that could have tweaked something to create the evident discomfort she was experiencing.

Needless to say, I was torn at what to do. I myself had never been to a chiropractor. Andrew is a huge fan of chiropractors (he's seen a few due to sport ailments) and was a lot more comfortable with the idea. It was agreed that we would go and meet with the specific chiro that our midwife had recommended and go from there. The goal was to not have to buy stocks in gripe water or source it out at Costco.

During our first appointment, I learned so much that absolute sense. Ember's problems were all gas related. From the way she was positioned in the womb, her right hip was sitting higher than the left. This was causing the spine to put pressure on the intestine therein trapping gas. As babies don't have the muscles/strength to re-position to pass gas, Ember's was getting trapped causing immense discomfort and pain. Dr. Mark (as we call him) explained that this immensely common, about 95% of babies he sees have this issue. He went on to say that babies don't often have sensitivities to what we mums eat, if it's anything at all, it's a dairy problem.

Now to the business of 'adjustment' and how babies are treated in the chiropractic world. Press on your eye, that's apparently the same amount of pressure that's applied. Ember at three weeks old, slept through her first appointment, while Dr. Mark adjusted her hips.

We immediately saw results. Within in six sessions over the course of a month, Ember was "healed". We had no more crying fits AT ALL! During that time, Ember also began suffering from acid reflux so we had that treated. Again, all cleared up! I went back to chocolate, caffeine, strawberries, and Indian food with no issues. Indian food people!!!! Andrew and I are so grateful for the recommendation even today. Lying in bed and catching up on our day while our gal is sound asleep ... ah, one of my favourite things. A small part of that is courteous of Dr. Mark.

*Not all chiropractors are qualified to work on babies, please seek out one who has has previous experience doing so. Ask for references and speak to other parents who have used his/her services.

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