Friday, June 11, 2010

#4 - Support

Day to day life with an infant can wear on you. It could be what I was most concerned about when pregnant - a baby arriving in the dead of winter, trapping me inside, not too much family around to help out and alone for the bulk of the day while Andrew was at work. I started to feel like motherhood could be a lonely place. I was afraid that it alone would take its toll on me and lead to postpartum depression.

Well folks, I've learned that support comes in all shapes and forms. Of course, there's my hubby coming through the door every night aching to hold his daughter which gives me a break. Many phone conversations with a good girlfriend going the same road (who lives in BC) have saved me. My mum, oh mama, are there words? CBC radio - it's counts as an adult conversation, I swear it does. And, blogs.

What? Blogs!?! Not bloggING, reading other blogs.

The women of my daily reading have been a great comfort to me. When I sit down with my cup of tea at my laptop, it's like going to hang out with girlfriends. These women write with such honesty; it's inspiring, hopeful and hilarious. It may be considered odd to find such calm in the words of people I've never met, however motherhood is a tie that binds. Finding mums that approach their job with such conviction and humility helps me do my job better. Just knowing I'm not alone and that Ember isn't completely unlike other babies, helps immensely. I'm grateful to these yummy mummys! They have been my Mum support group - there for me everyday- they're such good friends.

*Okay, I'm not trying to be weird. I know these people don't know me and that we're not really friends.
* I am not a stalker.
* I encourage you to visit their blogs, see the links on the right.

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