Monday, April 26, 2010

I feel bad about my hair.

I'm freckle faced strawberry. I have strawberry blond curly hair and several dozen handfuls of freckles. When I was 10 and under it meant torture at school and for that reason, I wanted anything different atop my head. Then I turned 14 and realized that women everywhere were paying good money trying to acquire my hair colour AND I learned the value of great hair product. (Big love to Bumble and Bumble). Since then, I've been laughing and loving my unique traits.

During pregnancy, my love affair grew deeper with my hair. It was so thick and my curls behaved oh so nicely. Not one strand would be found in the shower drain after lathering and rinsing - something I had never experienced before. It was such a nice change of pace as I have been referred to as a "shedder" for a many years now.

Well those days are oh-va! The postpartum moult has begun, and it's disgusting. I am completely and thoroughly grossed out by what's happening with my hair follicles. Ember will grab my hair and her little fist will easily remove two hairs. It's not like she can yank! I could vacuum everyday and easily fill the canister. It's a sad state of affairs. Despite my best efforts at creative styling, I walk around looking like a wet rat. My mop is so straggly. I think a trim would help but I don't want to voluntarily get rid of hair, especially pay someone to take it away.

The spring she has been going hard for a month now. Good grief, it should be coming to an end soon right!?! Or, maybe I should just shop for a chic hat?


  1. The same thing happened to me. I had luxurious long brunette hair in pregnancy. It was so lush and long and lovely. Then around 4 months postpartum I started to blame the dog for finding hair tumbleweeds all around the apartment. Then the shower drain started to back up....then I realized it was all me. The shedding is horrendous isn't it!?! I couldn't believe how thin it got and how much fell out. The whole hairline changed. Now it is back to my normal but it was a pain waiting for all those growing baby hairs.

  2. Horrendous it is!!! My hair has thinned right out and my hairline has changed dramatically. I'm saddened by it, to be completely honest. However, it's a comfort to know that I will have my locks back eventually. Thanks Andrea!