Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ingredient of the Month

Andrew, Ember and I enjoyed a lovely brunch with friends on Saturday. It was wonderful to catch up with a good friend over yummy French toast while Ember happily snoozed. Questions were flying back and forth as both parties tried to catch up on all the happenings in recent weeks. One that was asked of me was, "What's your ingredient of the month?"

The ingredient of the month stems from "Pumpkin month". My husband is a massive pumpkin fan. Seriously, not kidding. He loves everything about it, especially the taste, and somewhere in the past four years October was deemed "Pumpkin month". Basically, for the month of October I try to use pumpkin in all all the recipes I prepare. I've done lasagna, fudge, pancakes, cookies, soup and much more featuring pumpkin. Some people tend to think we're crazy for dwelling on one ingredient so heavily for entire 31 days but I love the challenge of creating delicious meals and baked goods for us.

I laughed when I was posed with the question and honestly answered, "Um, we don't have one. October is the only month that we become obsessive. " However, as I was baking up a storm on Sunday, I realized that I have a love affair with lemons each spring. This April is no exception. This past weekend I made glazed lemon cookies and a luscious lemon cake. (Thank you Martha.) I didn't realize that I played favourites to the extent of focusing on a feature ingredient for a month but it turns out I do. This afternoon I make old fashioned sugar cookies with a lemon twist. Yum!

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