Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grasshoppers are my choice!!

Looking back on Ember's first months in cloth, I like to think of them as research. Research in the pursuit of the perfect diaper for our family, specifically Ember's needs. (Read: contain the artistic messes she creates.) I have stated before that I believe diapers are like black shoes, in that you need many kinds for different occasions and I stand by that. Of course one of those is your everyday, go to diaper. After months of stuffing, washing and wear and tear, one diaper has pulled ahead as my favourite. Pulled way ahead.

That diaper is the Grasshopper Bamboo Quick-day All-in-one diaper. Handmade and developed by a mom in Port Perry, ON, these diapers are well made, absorbant and trim.

Some of the great features of this diaper include:

Waterproof outer fabric means no separate cover. Hard wearing snaps last and last and aren't easy for a curious toddler to unfasten. Our roll-up snap makes diapering on the go a breeze (illustration right).

Bamboo is more absorbent than other natural fabrics, resulting in a trim diaper that doesn't sacrifice absorbency.

Soft, unbleached, naturally absorbent Oeko-Tex certified bamboo/ organic cotton inner layer and snap-in soaker. Oeko-Tex certified fabric has been thoroughly tested and found to be free from all known harmful substances; it is suitable for use in products intended for babies and young children. Fabrics made with bamboo are softer, more absorbent, less bulky and quicker to dry than 100% cotton fabrics. Bamboo grows quickly without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and withstands both droughts and floods.

Snap-in tri-fold soaker design provides plenty of absorbency yet unfolds in the wash to ensure thorough cleaning and quick drying in the dryer or on the line.

I was introduced to these diapers through a rave review on a cloth diapering blog. The addict in me couldn't resist having one or two. Initially I bought a small and medium since Ember was in the overlap of sizing. Despite the small appearance, they are a generous fit without the bulk. The size small still fits Ember on the smallest waist setting and third thigh snap and she is nearly 15 lbs.

I've had the Grasshopper diapers in my stash for 2 months now and I've realized that:

- they are my favourite for running errands because they are so darn great at containing messes and with a doubler, they are super absorbant and great for hours at a time
- they are my favourite to go under the cuter outfits and jeans because they are the trimmest in my collection
- they wash incredibly well and aren't showing any age, including NO STAINS
- love that they are low maintenance - I wash the diaper with the soaker attached. To dry, I separate the soaker from the shell, put it on the line and throw the soaker in the dryer. Bonus: the trifold soaker takes mere seconds to snap in.
- the soaker and shell are so soft - even after air drying
- they are so easy to get on thanks to the even snap placement on the hips
- these diapers are the most vibrant I have. I love the colours and how the snaps match perfectly or create a more playful look. Black snaps + red shell = firetruck. (We call it ladybug for our gal).

Now that Ember is beginning to out-grow her small sized diapers, I am faced with choosing the diapers that will (hopefully, fingers crossed) take us through to potty training. Grasshoppers are my choice! Ember wears the size medium diapers on smallest snaps, both waist and thigh.

Hubby's Opinion: While he prefers the ease of applix, he likes these since they're so easy to fasten and don't require a lot of thought. He loves that he doesn't have to un-stuff them (he tends to forget before throwing into the wet bag). Our "pumpkin" is his favourite diaper in our entire stash. He noticed how well made they are and is impressed how they still look brand new.

These diapers make diapering, dare I say it, hassle-free. I love that they're made in Canada! Check them out - www.grasshopperdiapers.com.

~ Ember is wearing 'bubblegum' in size medium.
~ Product picture and info in italics from Grasshopper diapers.

* I was not compensated in any capacity for this review. I paid for the product.

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