Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some-bunny loves Easter!

It could be my favourite holiday, I love it. Ember celebrated her first Easter this past weekend. Of course, she's too young for the egg hunt and chocolate but an excuse to wear a dress, well a gal is never too young for that. Her Easter dress came from her Grauntie (Great Aunt) Nedra and Great Uncle Albin and I just love it. I was having great difficulty finding one that I liked in Ember's size so I was thrilled to find it in our Easter parcel.

Nana, Andrew's mom, joined us for the weekend. Ember and she shared many laughs. We had our family dinner on Sunday and I made the best darn lamb I've ever tasted, accompanied by scrumptious three cheese scallopped potatoes. Of course there were other veggies, but they were only secondary to the main events.

Ember sitting up with just a little assistance from Daddy.

Andrew, Grampa Ian, Nana, Ember burying her face in my hair.

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