Sunday, February 28, 2010

Packing... with a Baby

This week, the three of us are going to visit friends in Vancouver. 'Looking forward to it' really doesn't sum up my feelings - I am bursting with excitement and have compiled a pretty large 'to-do' list for while we're there.

I like lists. Where planning is concerned, you will always find a list I've created. I make lists about the cleaning I want to tackle in one day. I make lists on holidays about the food I have to prepare. And, when traveling, I make a list of all I have to pack.

An example of a packing list before Ember would look like this:

jeans (3)
sweaters (3)
t-shirts (4)
tops (4)
slingbacks, chucks, red diesels
down vest
cell phone and charger

I'll also put together a smaller list piecing together outfits to ensure I'm covered (literally) for all outings and occasions while away.

Here's what the packing list looks like for Ember alone:

car seat and base
aden and anais blanket
diapers - grasshoppers and gro baby with bio inserts
wet bag (3)
cameras and chargers
stroller with rain cover
Goodnight Moon
2 blankets (don't forget the pink one!)
receiving blankets (more than you think is necessary)
sleepers (5)
onesies (3)
jeans/pants (3)

There's more, I'm sure of it. I am almost positive that I'm forgetting something. What I must learn to remember is that, I'm going somewhere civilized. Maybe packing everything under the sun isn't necessary; there are stores and laundry facilities. Although, my neuroses has served me well in the past ... for the most part. And with the third degree case of mummy-brain I suffer from, a list couldn't hurt.

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