Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have we met? You're kind of cute.

The person who coined the term, "It's a good thing you're good looking, or..." must have been a woman. Probably a mother whose baby wasn't sleeping.

Now I realize that my sleep complaints aren't really worth complaining about compared to what some mothers go through with their children. But last night, my girl just didn't want to sleep by herself. No matter what I did, as soon as she hit her pack and play (which she sleeps in in our room), her arms would flail and if I wasn't found in that reach, the cry would start which easily leads to her car alarm cry. She had no trouble falling asleep in my arms. A good, deep sleep too; the kind where her head would fall back like a pez dispenser if you let it. But each time she hit that mattress, the arms would swing to find no Mummy and the cry was triggered. After the sixth attempt of gaining freedom, I just gave up and crawled into my bed with her. It just wasn't worth it anymore. We both need sleep too badly to fight it.

I wonder if she has a minor cold, or dare I say it... she may have started teething. There has been drooling and hints of a diaper rash this week. Whatever the reason, that wasn't our Ember last night but she was still pretty darn cute.

Ember sleeping on our bed. She rolled from her back onto her tummy. Her feet were too yummy to pass up.

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