Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ember Snuggle days

I apologize for my absence. We enjoyed a three day weekend as a family. The weather cooperated and our trio enjoyed our days thoroughly.

The last few days have been spent snuggling with my little girl. I'm learning that the days before Ember goes into a growth spurt, she gets a bit fussy and doesn't sleep well. Since Tuesday, we have been lounging in an armchair together. It's the only way she gets sleep during times like these. Falling asleep isn't an issue, but as soon as I would try to lay her down in her bed, she would snap awake and wouldn't settle back into sleep by herself.

I know it's not permanent so I just settle in and veg in front of the television. Thankfully, I have had the Olympics. I've learned to accept these fussy days and not stress about them. Instead, I've embraced them - they're my Ember snuggle days.

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