Monday, May 16, 2011

Life is (once again) Over as I Know It

There are milestones in a child's life that are real game changers for parents.



And, climbing out of the crib.

Oh sweet parenting gods, give me strength.

I woke this morning to a thud that rattled through the monitor. Immediately, I took off knowing exactly what had happened: Ember had climbed out of her crib. When I opened the door to her room, there she was, lying like a plank on the floor. I got down beside her, lifted her to her feet and asked if she was okay. She looked at me, and then pointed to her stuffed kitty in the crib and said, "Kitty!"

Oh, good, you're alright. Good thing, because my blood pressure had already spiked.

I mean, Andrew and I both knew that it wasn't a matter of if Ember was going to climb out of her crib, but when. And I've always been grateful that she is on the tiny side of the scale because this day could have come much, much sooner.

Oh, but that is little comfort right now. What are we going to do!?

Well, we are going to convert the crib to the toddler bed set up. But that introduces a host of other issues ... like keeping her in bed. Hell. even her room! The kid can open doors so....

Sleepless nights are coming my way again, I'm sure of it. Just when my eye had stopped twitching...

Bravo Karma, you got us again.

Any thoughts on how to get a 17 month old excited about her new big girl bed? Duct tape or chicken wire? Just kidding. I think.

At least she's cute.
This is how Ember dresses when left to her own devices: dress, rubber boots, denim jacket and a a ball cap.


  1. I've realized that it will always be something when raising a child. Just as something becomes 'easy' it is replaced by a new challenge. Our little guy is still in his crib at 2.5 y.o and hasn't tried to climb out. I'm hoping to keep him there until 3 y.o, if I can! Right now our new challenge is bedtime. We had a great run from about 14 months till now....we'd stick him down in the crib and seriously that was it. Now, he cries...and we don't do CIO in our family. So, we are back to the books and figuring stuff out and doing lots of reassuring (for me haha). It's always something... :)

  2. Luckily, we never had problems with our kids staying in their newly converted beds. We did put a child-proof door knob on the inside of the bedroom door though - because like you said they can open doors!! And I was afraid we wouldn't hear him if/when they woke up and didn't want him roaming the house alone. That worked for a few months until our son was old enough to understand that when he woke up he was to come get us right away. Our daughter has been in a toddler bed for several months now, but she still refuses to get out of her bed until we come in there and get her (and she's two and a half now!), which is a tiny blessing while it lasts ;) It's a whole new world now, good luck!

  3. Oh, that is such a horrible noise to hear - that thump of a small child falling out of the crib! I've panicked over that one too! Oh man! Oh Ember....she seems so young to be such a monkey! ; )