Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Grandmothers

I know all the grandmums (and aunts, and great aunts ...) will love Ember's little London Fog spring coat. Navy blue with dime sized white polka dots and a gorgeous magenta lining, it is swoon worthy to be sure. Hell, I'd wear it.

Between errands a couple of days ago, Ember wanted to stretch her legs and explore a quiet part of a parking lot. She's like that. I couldn't resist snapping some photos. I'm like that.

Insert thought bubble: "Mum, put down the camera. There's some bugs I want you to identify!"

Thank you Cara for such a beautiful coat!!!


  1. Baby Supa Model! What a gorgeous coat...and a delish girl!

  2. I really love that coat. Even though I have a boy, I'm always drawn to little girl fashions, especially when it is a tiny coat that I'd totally wear tee her.

  3. SOOO CUTE. I love this coat, what a stylish lil lady