Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Technical difficulties! This should have been posted last night, but here it is ... 15 hours later.

To all the women who get their clean clothes out of the hamper while all other members of the household have their clothes neatly folded and put away,

To all the women who wear sweatpants for enough days in a row that it makes you feel like you've lost weight, only to realize that this may not be the case when you pull on your jeans,

To all the women who eat cold dinners, or have their meals interrupted 14 times while you hop and down fetching different accoutrements of necessity - a wet cloth, a spoon, the spoon off the floor, a fork, the fork off the floor, a wet towel to mop the quinoa off the floor .... ,

To all the women who have an open door policy with a person whose favourite author is Sandra Boynton (no disrespect to Ms Boynton!) and have hands reaching from beyond a curtain while they're showering,

To all the women who have lost the time to read for pleasure,

And to all the women who love wholly, unconditionally, and unselfishly: bravo to you.

I hope you had a wonderful day being loved and appreciated for the incredible job you do.

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