Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Reflections

Oops. I meant to document our Easter weekend within a timely fashion of the celebratory weekend but, alas here I am, a week and then some later.

We sent the Easter Bunny our forwarding address as the three of us escaped to BC's Peace Country to see Andrew's mom and stepdad. It's been months since we drove the 6+ hours northwest and I'm happy to report this was Ember's best drive yet. For four hours at a time, Ember contentedly sat rear facing in the backseat babbling to herself and participating in sing-a-longs but her most favourite activities, making animal sounds while Andrew and I called out the corresponding animals.

It was a fabulous weekend which included Ember's first (real) egg hunt and getting her first tricycle! Which came with the appropriate accessories of a bell and a hat ... or helmet to the rest of us.

Ember was happy to hang out in her new "hat".

Even while eating her miso soup? Yeah, why not?

What? Do I have something on my chin?

Aboard her swish new ride. If she were two inches taller she'd actually be able to pedal all by herself.

But she can ring the bell all by herself!

Studying the physics involved.

Post egg hunt.

Andrew first put a few cereal puffs in the plastic eggs and then hid them in plain sight. Ember grasped the concept of hunting for the coloured eggs quickly - it was awesome! After collecting the eggs and eating their contents as she went, she sat with Andrew and went through each egg again to ensure she hadn't missed a rogue puff.

She was very thorough.

Before Easter dinner, Andrew and Ember played on the deck. He showed her how to blow bubbles. Or "buh-bles" as Ember calls them.

Ember's Easter outfit is courtesy her Grauntie Nedra. The shoes were a gift for Christmas which despite being too big are Ember's favourites and asks to wear them all the time.

Nana had turned on Toy Story 3 prompting Ember to assume her TV position.
Has she ever looked more like Andrew?!

It was a great weekend, one that I actually spent the bulk of relaxing while other hands corralled Ember, it was a treat!


  1. So cute! Seeing her on the bikes makes her look so grown up! Wow! Super cute! I love the excitement of the egg hunt! So fun! Love the little 'digg' at Andrew at the end! ; ) Like father, like daughter!
    I have yet to get my Easter post done! You've got me beat! I've got two small assignments in my way then it will be up!

    So just having a look at your 28 in 28 and wondering how you are going on that? Whats in the works?

  2. She's at such a fun age right now! I've seen those little peddle bikes around the city a lot more lately. It's the kind you can push from behind right?

  3. Thanks Kristin! Watching Ember feels so bittersweet - it's all going so fast!

    The 28in28 is coming down to crunch time and I'm feeling the push to get a lot of things done. Thankfully Andrew has a stay-cation booked so I will have an extra pair of hands to get a few smaller items (ie the kitchen challenges) accomplished. And, now that spring has sprung so has my running routine - thank gawd!

  4. @MITC, that's exactly what the tricycle is - it has a detachable stroller handle, if you will, with sun shade. It has longevity which is nice in kid's toys.