Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ember and Isla. Isla and Ember.

These two gals melt my heart.

Their love for each other is so true and infectious. There is a seven month age difference that Isla doesn't want to acknowledge and she strives to keep up with Ember. On the other hand, Ember thinks she's much bigger and does this funny thing where she does an exaggerated squat when approaching for Isla a hug.

Conveniently, these two besties live down the hall from one another so their run ins are frequent and often times, loud. Between them a secret language is spoken as they greet each with squeals and cheers that fluctuate through several octaves.

"Isla" was among Ember's first words.
Ember will walk around with the phone pressed to her ear saying "Hi Isla" and carrying on a conversation.
And, when her sticky little hands get a hold of my camera, Ember tries to scroll through the photos calling Isla all in attempts to see her and her dear friend.

Isla's mummy, Cara and I marvel at the friendship that our girls have established and value it completely. It's amazing that at such a young age, true relationships can be formed.

Ladies who lunch ... and hold hands.


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  1. It is just so sweet when wee ones have a play pal to hang out with. My boy Ben has had a similar 'friendship' with my friends baby since day 1. Now they are 2.5 years old and are the apple of each others eye. They shout with glee when they see each other and tackle for hugs. It is beyond cute.