Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reduced to a Catch Phrase

Over the past eleven months, I find myself spouting the same things over and over again. They have become my catch phrases. Or maybe, more appropriately, just one line summations of my life.

They are quite versatile. Depending on the context, they serve as warnings, excuses and/or defense mechanisms.

1. It's not permanent.
This is basically my mantra. Whenever we're going through a rough patch of any nature with our sweet girl, you can bet I'm muttering this under my breath while practicing my breathing exercises.
Alternatively, this can be applied in moments that you will want to treasure. During Ember's more snuggly moments, when all I want to do is prep dinner, I remind myself that all too soon she will move out of this stage and that all else can wait while I smother my girl with kisses.

2. I'm a great mum, but a shitty housewife.
On any given day, my condo can look as if a bomb went off, a tornado went through, or we are applying to be Hoarders. We are constantly fighting with some serious storage issues but more than that, I neglect my house work. Rather than folding laundry as it comes out of the dryer or off the drying rack, I transfer it to a hamper and play with Ember. We sing songs, play hand games and read books. We chase one another. We make music out of make shift instruments. Sure, there are weeks where it appears that moss is growing on our furniture, but whatever ... I'm comfortable with my priorities. I seriously shirk my housewife responsibilities to play with Ember because this isn't permanent. See #1.
Oh, I clean up for company. Just don't drop in for a surprise visit, okay? Thanks in advance.

3. I have nothing to prove.
We've been a bit slower than most to move Ember into her own room at nights. This is because I usually crap out, quit fighting her and just return to our bed with babe in tow. Please don't judge me. But you know what? I'm tired and I have nothing to prove. Again, number one applies: I know Andrew and I won't always be kneaded by small elbows and feet. We're doing what works for us.

4. The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be.
More or less self explanatory and all encompassing. Though I'm happy to report that I can now sneeze and run without issue.

5. Use it or lose it and I'm losing it.
I trip of my words in simple conversation. My penmanship is going down the toilet. I'm a scatterbrain frequently forgetting my train of thought . I spend my days with an 11 month old. I don't use it, and I'm losing it.

6. I'll appreciate this when she's 16.
My daughter is strong willed; she's her very own advocate already at her tender young age. She knows how to work her emotions and play me like a fiddle. She knows what she wants and is admirably persistent and determined. These are traits that can stomp on my last nerve at times. (Oh karma - you got us!)
But no matter how annoyed I get at times, I remind myself that I will grateful for her will and spirit when she's 16; when she's a leader, not a follower and maturing into a strong woman.

You must have your own mummyhood taglines. I would love to hear them! I can always use more in my repertoire.

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