Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Sorry, I Don't Think You've Been Properly Introduced

Where are my manners?!

I'm terribly sorry.

Everyone, this is Ruby Bunny.
Ruby Bunny, this is everyone.
Hi! I'm Ruby!

Ruby is Ember's bestest. You may recognize her from Ember's monthly birthday photos.

Ember (2 months old) and Ruby.

Ruby is such a great friend.
When Ember needs comforting after taking a tumble, Ruby is there to offer snuggles and hugs to make it all better. During all of Ember's immunizations, Ruby has held her hand.
She travels with us.
She lets Ember lead when they are dancing together.

Ruby happily plays whatever game Ember wants to. Even if it's not in her best interest.

That's an ear in there.

A mum is grateful for such loyal friends like Ruby.

Ruby's model shot: Koo and Poppet

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  1. Oh wow! It warms my heart to see how attached these two are, truely!!