Sunday, November 14, 2010

28in28 - Four Months In

I'm a third of my way through my 28th year, so I thought I'd revisit my 'to-do list' for the year. Many are a work in progress but I'm happy report to I have actually completed a few.

8. Make bread (sans machine), pretzels, bagels, croissants, challah bread and crumpets. - 2 of the 6 done!

I've actually made oodles of bread since July. The braided pumpkin bread is what I'm most proud of; I braided bread!

They weren't pretty, but they were tasty.

9. Make pulled pork sandwiches from scratch - done!
Our family enjoyed slow cooker pulled pork a couple of weeks ago atop buttermilk buns and apple slaw and it was so awesome! We used the leftovers to make pulled pork pizza; something that I recommend everyone try at some point in their life. Thank you again Kristin for recipe!

10. Make pasta from scratch - done!
With the exception of shaped pasta (rigatoni, penne etc), I don't buy pasta at all anymore. It's all homemade henceforth. So yummy.

19. Take Ember to the Vancouver Aquarium - done!

I am in the process of learning to sew, perfecting the craft of knitting, accomplishing 1o ran kilometres, swimming 600 metres, staying on top of photo/hard drive organization, completing Ember's baby book and, compiling our family's favourite recipes into a book. Oh and learning the extensive rules of rugby.

I am still in the pursuit of the perfect concealer and marinara sauce.

I have more or less failed #1 - Take a photo a day for 365 days to act as a journal of our family. Bind in book at end of year. ... There's always my 29in29 for that one.

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  1. Check, check, check, check! Well done. You are very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!