Friday, September 10, 2010

How Things Change

This morning while nursing Ember down for a nap, the smell of Fall was wafting through the air. The crispness and freshness of the air is tangible and I love these first days of this new season. I look forward to the leaves changing and eventually littering the sidewalks.

Moreover, I look forward to pounding the pavement in my boots. Ah, my boots. Brown, black, mid-calf, knee high - they're all grand. They are my favourite part of my wardrobe. Boots, a great fitting jean and a Cowichan inspired sweater? Autumnal perfection.

When I was 23, living alone in the Lower Mainland, I maintained that in the event of a fire I would save my cat and my black Miu Miu boots.

Go ahead, think it.

Shallow bitch, right?

Well, no more. My boots don't make top three (or five). With Ember and the cat in each arm, I'd attempt to get the external hard drive of photos to safety.

As Fall sets in, I relish the opportunity to wear my boots again. I love the sass that permeates my step and the extra swagger in my gait.

These would love divine below my knees and even behind a stroller or pushing a swing. Swoon!

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