Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Ember's Fault.

Friends, I'm sorry for going off the grid for a week. It's Ember's fault. Seriously! On her birthday, she decided to upend a cup of tea on my laptop keyboard. This prompted her first time out - in the playpen she went for a minute while I tried to mop up the tea before it flooded the keyboard. Too late. When I returned to the laptop sometime later and tried to resume my blog post, half of the keys weren't working. I called Andrew for help who said, "Turn the laptop upside down and let the tea flow out." Hmph. Should have maybe done that immediately after the incident; doing it an hour or two later didn't really garner any success. Go figure.

Of course, it was Ember's birthday so I had a celebratory dinner to prepare that day and cupcakes to make so I wasn't spending much time at the computer anyway. Last Friday, family arrived for the weekend, I had Ember's party to organize and host and of course, spend time with the family. So, it hasn't been really until today that I can sit down and resume blogging with ease. My keyboard still doesn't work and though the comp is still under warranty, it turns out "my kid spilt tea all over it" isn't covered. Boo.

Only the A and F keys work. I'm so annoyed. Here I sit, with a keyboard plugged in via USB to my laptop (it's so ridiculous) attempting to catch up on a week's worth of posts. Posts are going to be coming rapid-fire style especially since we're less than three weeks away from Christmas! Oh, and Ember's 12 month birthday post (complete with pictures) is coming, too. Hang on!


  1. Hilarious, but not funny too. I love that she was in time out for 1 minute - because she's one! Tee hee!
    Funny, I was thinking earlier this week that you hadn't been around. Wondering if the whole birthday pushed you over or what, but also giving you the space to do what you needed to do - BECAUSE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO AS A MOM AND BLOGGER! And basically what I am trying to say is, your absence was noticed by me, but not in a bad "where the heck is she, what happened??" way. I just noticed. You are allowed to back away from the keyboard at no cost. ; ) Anyway, I am rambling. I hope you know what I mean. Welcome back. Hope your laptop woahs get worked out soon for you! Can't wait to see those photos of Ember's birthday!

  2. Glad to have you back!! Hoping Ember had a great day and can't wait to see pics!!

    PS... I'm doing a great give away that might interest you, check it out!!!

  3. Thanks for the lovin'!! It's good to be back. I've been mentally writing blog posts all week.
    Hoping to get Ember's birthday posts up today! Ember is battling a cold now and is acting a tad needy these past two days. Goodness me - it's just one of those weeks ladies. :o)