Friday, October 29, 2010

Lost in Pumpkin Month

How is it that the last time I was here was October 4th? Where or where did October go? Can it really be the 29th? Is that really true?

When I was relaying this sentiment to my mum yesterday, she said, "You've been in the kitchen all month, Sarah - it's pumpkin month!!" Oh, of course!! October is my husband's FAVOURITE month of the year - it marks his birthday, our anniversary, Halloween and most importantly delicious pumpkin indulgence. The man is just bananas about pumpkins. Each October I whisk pumpkin puree into a frenzy for a variety of dishes. I love to bake and watching Andrew thoroughly enjoy my creations is so stinking rewarding, and fun.

In addition to the bake-a-thon, I've been kept busy by Miss Ember (duh!), I've been busy trying to ready our home for winter hibernation and we jetted off to Vancouver for a short getaway, too.

I will be back to share highlights of Ember's first October very soon!! It has been a fantastic month!


  1. Oh, I hope you were this way when the weather was perrrrrrrrfect! I love Vancouver in the fall!
    Just checked out your 28 in 28 list. Some make me giggle. Did you hit the aquarium? I think I have been working on 22 for like, years. I've got the best slow cooker recipe for 9 if you want to go that way. Would love to come for 12. Are you kidding me for 14!!?? (only because I am an addict. I think I have a couple posts about my addiction). 27 - oh how awesome! Do it!

    A great list! Lots of others that I am impressed with! Good luck!

  2. We just missed the nice weather; we arrived just in time for the rain. It was still glorious compared to Alberta though - leaves on the trees, lush green grass and the air, oh I love that air.

    We did hit the aquarium and I will post pictures soon. Oh my 28in28 list .. it's a lot of culinary adventures, isn't it? But that's what I love!

    I will take your recipe for slow cooker pulled pork, please and thank you. That's how I was planning on attacking it!! Can you please email it to me?:

    Thanks Kristin! Happy Halloween!!