Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ye Olde Fall Fair

A couple of weeks ago, this small family spent a beautiful autumn day at a fair. It wasn't a country fall fair as the setting was Winston Churchill Square, but all the right components were there to amuse a ten month old: a petting zoo, pumpkins and a parachute. And, there were mini-donuts for us adult folk, yum.

Ember loves pumpkins. Andrew is thrilled about this!

It's too bad I can't add a sound caption with this photo. Ember was squealing with delight leaning over that pumpkin.

We moved on to the petting zoo next. All the requisite animals were there, a pot bellied pig named Charlotte, a miniature pony named Ladybug, goats, sheep, chickens, bunnies and a wallaby. A wallaby? Yes!, you may remember him from a Telus commercial a few years back.

This is the first time Andrew had pet a wallaby, too.

Getting closer to pet a goat.

"Hey, Mum, I'm petting a goat!!"

The petting zoo was also home to an adopted Canada Goose. This creature was completely nutters. It would flap and run as if being chased by an imaginary hunter. Can you spot him in this photo?

The final highlight of Ember's day was the parachute. She had so much fun joining in with the bigger kids waving it up and down.


Bouncing with glee.

It was a grand day. One for the memory books most definitely.

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