Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ember's Grandma Michelle. To say she is talented with a sewing machine is an understatement. Her handiwork is just beautiful. Ember has been fortunate enough to receive a few of her pieces and we will treasure them always.

During our last trip to Vancouver, Michelle gave us a skirt she had made for Ember's first Halloween. Boy, are we glad she did!! Though we had had a few costume ideas, they all fell through and this adorable skirt saved us today.

Initially, we were going to try and fashion Ember into Miss Ritzy Bitzy Spider. Considering my sewing skills are somewhat (okay, a lot) lacking, this did not come to fruition. On to Plan D: a witch. A last minute run today in pursuit of a hat, and we were all set. We weren't going to be going door to door with our witch, but she was going to assist us in handing out sweet treats.

They're little owls. So cute.

It was unseasonably warm, so she didn't have to sport a snowsuit underneath.

She didn't care for that headband-style-hat and she was less than thrilled with us.

Of course, a witch isn't a witch without her broomstick. A kitchen broom did the trick for the night.

Some witches don't require brooms to fly though. Some have magical powers, and others have daddies who throw them high in the air.

Of course the premise of tonight's activity was way over our girl's head. She just stared raptly as children walked up and cried "Trick or Treat!" Andrew, his dad, and I just loved watching Ember's face as she took it all in.

What are you???

I hope your family had a wonderful night and that you got to pilfer a few treats for yourself. Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. She looks so great!! What a cute skirt. That picture of her up in the air is the cutest thing in the world! She's walking now?? Thats crazy