Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day, the First

I was in Ontario for Mother's Day, with my mum which I haven't had the joy of for many years. Unfortunately the day got lost in the shuffle; Ember was such a focus of my mum's attention that Mother's day didn't get its due attention. We spent the day shopping, sipping lattes and talking and I made an all veggie dinner in honour of my mum, my best friend.

Obviously I wasn't with Andrew for the day and I was instructed to ignore the day as he wanted to treat me once I returned home. Without really meaning to, I respected his request. My new job title is still surreal to me. I spent nine (ten) months of pregnancy preparing myself for motherhood although since Ember made her arrival, I haven't had the chance to let it all sink in. It's as if I'm so busy being a mum, I haven't had the opportunity to appreciate my role. Everyday is Ember Appreciation Day. I love being her mummy. I love my job. I love that girl who gave me the title, Mum. So much, achingly so.

As if I needed more reason to love her, Ember had a three hour nap that Sunday afternoon. What a wonderful gift! For maybe the first time since she was born, I got to sip on a vanilla latte, read magazines and enjoy silence.

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all mummy's everywhere. Good job, ladies.

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