Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Her 16th Month

Ember got her first black eye.

She still hasn't learned her lesson about climbing on the furniture. One week later, she replaced this black eye with a bruised cheek after surfing on her chair caused her to bounce off the coffee table.

Ember got her first pair of rubber boots.

Naturally, splashing followed.

Ember was gifted a play table.

Breakfast has never been so fun. Thanks Nana!

Ember loves to colour.

This will keep her quiet (and seated) for 15 minutes at a time. Hallelujah!
She put her doll in the opposing chair by herself.


Sunny spring-like Sundays call for a popped collar.

Striped pants are good, too.

Happy Spring to all!!!


  1. Oh Ember! A black eye! That's a rough one! ; )
    Super love the kids table! How fun!
    Happy Spring! Looks like you've got some snow that still needs to melt off!

  2. Those photos are a couple of weeks old now. Since then we've had great weather and the snow is more or less gone. It's lovely!

    I love, love the kids table. As does Ember. Everybody wins!!! :o)

  3. Oh man! The war wounds that some kidlets get. They look so ouchy too!

    Ben has the same little table and chairs and we have used it a great amount. When he has a little friend over for a play date, they eat lunch at it and it is beyond cute.