Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ember Went to Jasper - Pt. 2

Picking up from where we left off ...

Maligne Canyon is a spectacular spot. So much so, that my DSLR lens cap decided to jump ship and take up permanent residence there. I miss it dearly but I suppose, it really is in a good place. Andrew suggested that I may find it during the spring melt swirling among some rocks. While I appreciate the dream, I don't think it's likely to pan out.

Lens cap, can you hear me?
A view from the fifth bridge.

It was an incredible -6 degrees and Ember was happy to soak in some vitamin D and stretch her legs.

From the Canyon we decided to head over to Jasper Park Lodge.

A view of Pyramid Mountain en route. Note the doe enjoying some lunch.

The same shot while embracing negative space.

Originally, we were going to snowshoe around the JPL golf course but the simplicity of a stroll along Lac Beauvert won out. It really was for the best otherwise we wouldn't have experienced memory making moments like these:

Ember did her first snow angels on the lake; that's her little angel next to mine.

Ember's footprints in the snow. They slay me!

Ember hosts her first snow tasting party. Grana RSVP-ed 'yes!'.

Blazing her own trail.
At the main entrance to the lodge, stood a beautiful snow castle.

Over which, Ember quickly asserted her reign.

Only Daddy and a slide can still make a ruling monarch smile and giggle with such delight.

After our winter fun, we enjoyed a late lunch in the lodge and then began our drive back to reality. Before leaving the gates, the park offered us a couple more gifts though.

Bull (male) elk on one side of the road...

... cows and calves (women and children) on the other.

Ember slept all the way home and then all night - just another reason to love that Jasper air.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.

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  1. What a great series of photos! The great outdoors are so incredible over that way! LOVE the photo of Ember in the air, angels and footprints!