Friday, March 11, 2011

Ember Went to Jasper - Pt. 1

Our weekend in Jasper, AB was just incredible. Here are some of the highlights of Ember's first trip to Jasper!*

Driving into the park, I spotted some bighorn sheep on the side of the road. Being that I totally have my father's genes, I pulled the car over and snapped some pictures.

Ember intently studying the sheep.

This trip also marked Ember's first stay in a hotel. Another surprise to Andrew and I considering how much travelling we've done.
But I digress.
Ember loved the room and she did what every kid does; jump on the beds and run around screaming while we settled in. Most of all though, she liked snuggling in with Daddy and Kitty Cat while enjoying some juzz (aka juice).

I wormed in on the moment, and Ember wanted me to heave ho.

That night we enjoyed a fantabulous dinner at Evil Dave's (I highly recommend the Fun Guy) and Andrew and I even got away for a date after Ember had gone to bed.
In the morning, we did a walkabout town. Ember went kanga style.

We stopped for the requisite photo with Jasper the Bear.

It was hard to get Ember and Jasper in the shot. This was the best we did.

We had a lofty agenda for the day so after a hearty breakfast (and some pastries and java from the Bear's Paw, mmm), we quickly got underway.

First stop: Maligne Canyon for a self guided walk along the canyon floor.

Hiking in.

The view at our backs.

Ember was nice and toasty riding in the pack on Daddy's back.

The canyon is full of spectacular sights all year round however in the winter, it is sheer magic.

Hoar frost in one cave.

In the cathedral - this dome is roughly 70 feet high - very hard for photos to do it justice.

Climbers on the Queen icefall.

Behind "the curtain".

Stay tuned for part two!!

*How ridiculous that this was Ember's first trip to Jasper when we live just a few hours away, but alas it's true. We've attempted this trip many times but something has always come up that has prevented us from travel. What may be even more ridiculous that this trip is the first time Ember ate snow! Considering we live in a winter climate, Andrew and I have both been scratching our heads wondering if this is in fact true. And, we seem to concur that yes, it is so. Then we remember that it's been a frigid (seriously effing cold) kind of winter and the snow is as deep as she is tall and it all kind of makes sense.


  1. Fun! Looks likes a great trip for you all! LOVE all the self-portraits! That canyon looks incredible! Sounds like some great recommendations should we take a family trip your way!

  2. I can offer a whole bunch of recommendations if your fam comes this way; I'm a Jasper junkie.